With the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August of 1990, the Death Angels were sent to Bahrain and began flying combat air patrol missions in the northern Persian Gulf in support of Operation Desert Shield On 17 January Desert Shield became Desert Storm. Death Angels pilots were involved in the first missions into Iraq, and over the next 42 days flew 800 sorties in 1,500 hours. Most of the hours, 1,032, were flown in February, the highest number of any fleet single-seat F/A-18 unit during a 30- day period. The Death Angels contributed to the conflict by dropping nearly two million tons of ordnance and, by March 1991, the Iraqis decided to call it quits. VMFA-235 left the Gulf on 2 April and returned to Kaneohe Bay four days and 11,000 miles later.


August 1990


K-Bay, on return from Desert Storm