Tight FJ Formation


VMF-235 Division of FJ-3M Furies, rehearsing 9/27/57 out of PAX River, for a major JCOC Exercise, 10/3-5/57. They were a part of a 20 "Death Angels" aircraft formation, in a demonstration of international joint operability involving over 600 aircraft and several Navys.

You will notice that the Modex on these FJs is "DB," and on preceding shots of the FJ, the Modex was "WU." Exactly when and why the change was made is not known but the word has it that the change caused quite a stir amongst those that preferred the catchier call-sign "WHISKEY UNIFORM" on the airways.

The demonstration was narrated by Walter Cronkite. (A Skipper's worst nightmare!!)

Photo courtesy of Don Hanna.