The Squadron flew four aircraft in the decade of the fifties, all the while designated VMF.

Personnel from the FJ Fury era

Snapshots from the Fury’s Era

VMF-235, MAG-11 1956

Kneeling: L>R: J.J. Reed, H.B. Hanson, W.J. Webster, W.E. Clasen, R.W. Teller, M.M. Magruder (Group CO), J.W. Hubbard, J.J. Murphy, J.J. Quinn, R.A. Peterson

Standing L>R: C.H. Northfield, R.R. Stillwagon, D.W. Hall, R.E. Howard Jr., J.W. Isreal, T.W. Doyle, M.L. Murphy, O.H. McClelland, D.T. Troy, A.J. Iverson, P.G. Boozman, M. Mura, P.D. Harman, J.A. Herbert, C.F. Hohn, G. Motian, T.P. McGuinness, R.S. Mayock, M. Quinn, J.H. Mooney, R.E. Bradin, H.A. Davis and J.C. Arney

VMF-235 O'Club and Death Angels with Squadron's new Happy Hour shirts!!!

Back row: Maj. Ed "Skinny" Finlayson (OpsO), Lt. Dave Ober, Unknown, Bob "Snake" Lewis, Unknown, Unknown, Lt. Ted Goetz, LtCol A. W. Blackmun (CO)

Front Row: Lt. Jim Read, Lt Steve Eisenhauer, Lt Archie Lenzi, Lt Dave Zeterberg, Lt Gerry Lovett, Lt Bill Branson, Lt Jim Cox, Lt Chuck Hatfield, Lt Ed Keyes

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Sarena Finlayson.

Squadron Officers at NAS Leeward Point

Back row


R.O. Harper, Bob Bainbridge, John Gould, Leo Ihli, Bob Clayton, Lee Jefferies, Joe Harvin, Jerry Lovett, Bill Ridings, Eric Krask, Dave Zeterbert, Archi Lenzi, Jack Cooper, Jack Lawn, Brother Humble, Pat McLaughlin and Jim Cox

Front Row


Dave Perry, Jack Moore (Flt Surgeon), Bob Rasdale, Joe Pultorak, Ed Lupton (XO), LtCol Jack Scott (CO), Jim Payette (S-3), Bill Huther, Little Mack McCaleb, Nick Jans, Paul Siegmund, Don Car, and Don McCarthy

Photo courtesy of Bill Ridings.

This is 2nd Lt. Tom D'Andrea in the standard photo for 235's Squadron Bulletin Board. The squadron was flying FJs at the time (1956 or 1957) and was stationed in Atsugi, Japan. Although he was a "Nugget" at the time, he had already been a member of VMF-312 and VMF-451. By the time he left FJs, he had accumulated 1,234 hours in the bird. Those that remember the length of the oversees tour in the "Old Corps" may be interested to know that Tom's tour on which this was taken, was 24 months long.